Personal Stuff

Hiya folkes, welcome to my weebly page. It is really great to come across a system that lets you create a website with such ease. The designs are great too. To tell about me, I am just another kid on planet earth working as a finance consultant. My job involves me to look into a whole lot of business credit reports. Yeah, I know that can get boring after a while, but what to do? A man has got to do what a man has got to do. I like reading credit reports as a matter of fact. One reason, I am good with these things. I have looked into so many of them I have become a natural. When I am not working, I am surfing the net. I love to take part in social networking websites. This new slew of websites hitting the net are cool as they allow you to socialize with other people and stuff.

I make it a point to participate in finance specific social networking websites. The best one I love is wesabe. This site is cool with a whole bunch of cool people who love talking finance. I love answering to the umpty number of queries that people ask about credit reports and other personal finance related stuff.

Okay that's about it about me. I will be updating my job profile soon!